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Get Interested!!

Posted on the 14 December, 2010 at 10:11 pm Written by in News

Have you ever heard of “Interested/Interesting?”

There is a story about a person who wanted to have lots of attention.  Every day he thought about it.  It was the most important thing to him, and he would do everything he could to get someone’s attention.  Even though he was brilliant and intelligent he wanted more.  He wanted “ATTENTION”!

One day he got his wish.  He was at a party and stood in the middle of the room saying nothing and doing nothing.  Everyone looked at him.  He was like a magnet for attention.  He changed his position slightly, checking himself out in the mirror.  He looked very intriguing.  Everyone who walked by was interested in him.

He became preoccupied with himself and attracting attention.  He lost interest in things around him.  What do you think?  Was he happy?

Here is one for you!  “A thetan* is interested, and an object is interesting.  A thetan is not interesting.  He is interested.  And when a person becomes terribly interesting he has lots of problems.  That is the chasm that is crossed by all of your celebrities, anybody who is foolish enough to become famous.  He crosses over from being interested in life to being interesting, and people who are interesting are really no longer interested in life.” Excerpt from The Phoenix Lectures by L. Ron Hubbard

*Thetan: “the name given to the life source.  It is the individual, the being, the personality, the knowingness of the human spirit.”

Excerpt from the book Scientology 8-80 by L. Ron Hubbard


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