Success Through Communication Course

It is more than just speaking and listening. It is the foundation of your life. But what exactly is it, and how does it really work?

How many of these 18 common communication problems have you experienced?

Communication Difficulties

  • Being nervous or tense in the presence of certain people. Unable to just be there and be yourself.
  • Unable to confidently look at another person easily and without strain.
  • Difficulty in speaking clearly — people have to ask you to repeat what you’ve said.
  • Difficulty talking because others interrupt or interfere.
  • Unable to get your point across because the other person has their attention elsewhere or interrupts you.
  • Difficulty just comfortably listening to others and giving them your full attention.
  • Unable to let others know that you have heard and understood them. People tell you “you’re not listening” when you are.
  • People talk on and on and you don’t know how to get them to stop and listen to what you have to say.
  • Conversations go “dead” and you don’t know what to do to keep them going.
  • Unable to avoid answering a difficult or embarrassing question and can’t handle it smoothly.
  • Unable to end off being questioned on a touchy or embarrassing subject without any upset.
  • Difficulty in starting conversations with strangers in business or social situations.
  • Getting someone into communication who is silent or unwilling to talk.
  • Others change the subject on you and you don’t know how to get them back to the original subject.
  • Unable to steer someone off of a subject and onto something else smoothly.
  • Difficulty in getting your questions answered by others.
  • An upset occurs during a conversation and you are unable to handle it smoothly and continue the conversation.
  • Difficulty in ending off conversations smoothly and without upset.

Learn to really communicate with people.

It is more than just speaking and listening. It is the foundation of your life. But what exactly is it, and how does it really work? The answer to that question is one of the great discoveries of Scientology, a breakthrough that affects virtually every living being.

Communication – real communication – can take down the invisible walls that block understanding and prevent happiness and success. Knowledge and skill in communication can change your life almost overnight. Although instinctively considered a vital necessity in living, the principles of communication had never actually been known… Until now.

The Success Through Communication Course gives 18 exact skills based on fundamental Scientology principles. These are the keys to success in any endeavor.

  • How to start a conversation
  • How to end one smoothly
  • How to get your ideas across
  • How to handle upsets
  • How to be comfortable and confident in anyone’s presence
  • And 13 more…

Communication is everything in life. Learn how to really communicate with Scientology.

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The course consists of eighteen drills which are done until you feel you’ve really got them. Spend as long as you like perfecting your communication skills, and graduate the course only when you are completely satisfied.